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Places I still want to see

A few friends of mine in Facebook added an app called "Cities I've visited", and after filling it myself I found out and confirmed a couple of interesting things.

Even though I've been pretty much to all the countries in what is traditionally considered Western Europe, I'm still missing Switzerland, Greece and Ireland.  Furthermore, even though I've been a few times to France, quite big parts of the country are still virgin territory to me.  I already knew that I'm missing southern Spain & southern Italy, as well as huge swathes of Eastern Europe, and funnily enough after all these years I haven't been to Norway or Denmark yet (many times through Copenhagen airport, but not to the city itself).

I have been to the big 3 countries in Latin America, but the rest are still virgin territory.  Same with most of Asia, and all of Africa and Australasia.  Definitely still a lot to be discovered

What is the West?

That is somethingI have come accross with a couple of times during my time here, the definition of what comprises the Western world varies widely depending on who you ask: some people will say that it’s only Anglo-Saxon North America and Western Europe, some people will include Eastern Europe, some will include Australasia, some Latin America and some all of the above.

Once, when having this discussion about East and West I asked a colleague at work regarding my belonging to said construct, and this person answered “Maybe you are, but I wouldn’t say that everyone in your country is”. Further expanding that thought, I started wondering what it is. If a country that follows Christendom to the extent of being the second largest Catholic country in the world, is also a heir to the Roman legal tradition and has the second largest amount of speakers of a Latin-based language in the world is not Western given that it also has a strong Native Amarican component, then I don’t know what the West it is.

Frankly, I think there is a confusion between the concepts of western, northern and developed countries, but that’s just me.

Clases e interés

Como un ejemplo sobre el relativo peso e interés de las economías China y Latinoamericana en donde me encuentro, puedo compartir la observación que mientras en mi clase sobre Negocios en Latinoamérica solamente hay 5 estudiantes (3 de ellos latinoamericanos) en la clase sobre Negocios en China hay unos 20.

New kind of video games: PeaceMaker and FoodForce

I like video games, especially those related to strategy. I’ve played games in the series of Age of Empires, Total War, Command and Conquer and Civilization, among others. However, a new kind of socially-responsible video games have caught my attention.

is also a strategy game, but in this case you take control of one of the sides in the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the goal is to achieve peace and the Nobel Prize. Their usage of real news footage in the game seems particularly interesting.

FoodForce is a game developed for the UN World Food Programme targeted at pre-teens, where they are given the task to co-ordinate the food assistance operations of the UN in a fictional country. It has now been downloaded millions of times.

I don’t know about you, but I feel these kind of gaming is worth trying. We can teach people that doing the right thing can also be fun.

FIFA official date

  • USA 2-0 Mexico (Again… the team needs more than a winning mentality to win)
  • Scotland 2-2 Finland (Interesting usage of new players by both teams)
  • Belgium 0-2 Czech Republic (Belgium still seems to have forgotten how to play)
  • UK 0-1 Spain (Horrible game, great goal by Iniesta)
  • France 0-1 Argentina (Most entertaining match overall last night)

Racismo a la mexicana

Hablando con algunas personas, me he dado cuenta que nosotros también podemos ser racistas, aunque prefiramos quejarnos amargamente de cómo tratan a nuestros connacionales en Estados Unidos.

Nos llegamos a quejar de la mafia coreana, de los inmigrantes argentinos, centroamericanos, chinos o judíos, y aunque sabemos que somos la mezcla de la mezcla de la mezcla, he oído quejas contra los negros o los árabes.

Tod esto viene a colación porque una persona que me visitó hizo un comentario con una mezcla entre sorpresa y desdén sobre la cantidad de personas de religión musulmana que viven en Bruselas. Cuando le hice la observación que alguien podría quejarse sobre la cantidad de mexicanos viviendo en Estados Unidos, guardó silencio. Eso, francamente, es racismo.

Algunas veces me gustaría que no viéramos la paja en el ojo ajeno sino la viga en el propio. Si queremos que el mundo se abra a México, México también tiene que abrirse al mundo.