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Not a fan of the Finnish or Mexican morning news

If there is one thing that drives me insane is when I turn the TV to get my news fix and stumble into any bulletins by YLE or the MTV3  morning news (their evening news are OK, even if their sense of humour is on the very basic side of the scale).  Their focus on inane ultra-local stories (like a recent one on neighbourhood cats) reminds me of a sketch a comedian used when I was growing up called Ranch News, or Noti Rancho in Spanish.  The amount of navel-gazing is mind-numbing for a guy like me who needs to know what is going on with the world.

Mexican news programmes, on the other hand, focus on three things: the latest celebrity scandal, the latest political scandal, or the latest violent deaths caused by the drug situation (with as many graphic details as possible).

No wonder I’ll be stuck with the BBC for the time being, even if I couldn’t care less about cricket.

Hi-def would have been impossible

Finally we got a flatscreen TV for the living room, and returned our old one for recycling. Before flatscreen technology, large HD televisions (and therefore HD technology) were deemed impractical because they would have simply not fit through any door. Picture that for a moment.

Reminds me of the famous Bill Gates quote that nobody would need more than 640 kB of memory for a personal computer.