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Introducing lifecasting with Ovi

Full disclaimer: this is related closely to my work.  Don’t expect me to be fully impartial.

It is still a beta and currently only works with N97, but I’ve been using it for the past week and it’s not only nice but useful.  I can’t wait to have this available for Twitter as well, but don’t expect me to divulge publicly where I or anybody else I care for exactly reside.

Downtown Mexico City on Ovi

Disclaimer: Yes, I work on this company and my job is related to this.  It is, however, beside the point, I'm sharing this because it made me happy.

So, as you know, we recently launched certain new products and services at an event in Barcelona (that I didn't attend this year).  I've been following the reactions to this in social media for a while, and of course am a heavy user of our own services.

Now imagine my pleasure when I check Mexico City in Ovi and I find this:

I knew that we had 3D landmarks, but seeing so many in Mexico City (especially the Angel of Independence) just brought a huge grin to my face.  Especially since I'm so far away from there, and won't go back this Christmas.