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Introducing lifecasting with Ovi

Full disclaimer: this is related closely to my work.  Don’t expect me to be fully impartial.

It is still a beta and currently only works with N97, but I’ve been using it for the past week and it’s not only nice but useful.  I can’t wait to have this available for Twitter as well, but don’t expect me to divulge publicly where I or anybody else I care for exactly reside.

Applications and services on my mobile

Currently on my N85:

Plus bookmarks for:

Thankfully I have a flat rate data plan, and WLAN hotspots at work and at home.

The convergence space

"Convergence" is a word I've heard plenty of times in the last 10 years, when mobile phones still had monochromatic screens and Minidisc players were all the rage.  Now, with Google and Apple entering the mobile market, it's definitely getting interesting.  The IHT has a run on the situation here, and a couple of posts from Mobile Opportunity giving a digest of the most recent moves here and here.

Disclaimer: Yes, I work for one of these companies, but even if it weren't related to my job I find this interesting.

Nokia Online Share 3.0

I have been too busy to tell you guys about this application, now available in Beta labs.  Basically, the support for posting to Vox and Flickr just got much better, with better tagging and the possibility to follow the photostreams of others straight from your mobile device.  Darla Mack has a good review of the app.

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