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Digital shift news, May 3, 2013

Also published in the MC blog.

Friday again and time for our news roundup of the week.

  • Facebook released its 1Q13 earnings report and reception was decidedly mixed.  This analysis breaks down 5 reasons why, from rising operational costs to lowering average revenue per user (ARPU) to the huge shift to mobile where advertising might be more difficult.
  • An interesting roundup of technologies that are changing the world including 3D printing, mobile payments and software as a service.
  • 10 years ago Apple launched iTunes and the music business was not the same ever again.  Between iTunes and Spotify, when was the last time you bought a CD?
  • Rovio mobile launched Angry Birds Toons a month ago, and their cartoons have already achieved 100 million views through their own games (story in Finnish).  This has enabled the company to launch their own advertising network avoiding other established players.
  • A retailer tests an advertising concept internally for a new service offering and then makes a silent launch on the web.  Said retailer follows closely as the creative becomes a viral hit and the company decides to use it also in traditional media. When the brand involved is one that is perceived to be as boring as Kmart, one can only expect this approach to become more common.

Digital shift news, April 26, 2013

Cross-posting from the Marketing Clinic blog.

For the past few months I have been curating an internal newsletter sharing external articles on digital marketing and digital business transformation, and we have decided to start sharing it with you, dear reader.  Previous issues have dealt with Google Glass, Facebook Home, Banner & Display advertising, customer reviews, Bitcoin & digital experiences.

Please find this week’s topics below:

  • Lean Analytics co-authors on data-driven marketing:  Quotes from the article: “If you take former Coca-Cola CMO Sergio Zyman’s definition of marketing, which is “selling more things to more people for more money more often more efficiently,” then analytics is how you measure whether you’ve moved the needle on one of those five “mores.” Everything we do leaves a digital breadcrumb trail, and that trail is available for marketers to analyze.  But it’s not going to be that simple. For one thing, even with all of this data, it’s unlikely most businesses will act wisely upon it. There’s no such thing as Big Data as big companies can’t handle the cultural shifts required.”
  • How companies find out your shopping habits, case Target: Not a new article, but a great overview of how retail chain Target has managed to deeply model customer behaviour to anticipate their needs (to the point of creepiness, sadly). Marketers need to learn to use this information, but also make sure they keep a cordial relationship with the consumer.
  • Analysis: Sleeping giant Amazon finally stirs: Amazon is become a true Internet advertising network, with access to data that even Google & Facebook don’t have on actual purchases.  Two quotes from the article: ”In today’s marketing world, data is gold and Amazon is Fort Knox” / “Amazon is not a retailer anymore, it is the largest behavioral marketing company in the world”
  • CNN is scared of Twitter: What happens when the cable news cycle is just too slow, and you do not own the platform news junkies turn to for breaking news?  Quote from the article: “Last week, key moments in the Boston saga played out on Twitter, not mainstream television.”
  • Opposing views on the effectiveness of crowdsourced investigation efforts in last week’s Boston events (Wired for,BBC against): When even law enforcement organizations are looking at harnessing external innovation, what can businesses learn from their dramatic effects?  Do the benefits outweigh the risks?

Marketing automation seminar, March 2013

1st presenter: Torsti Tenhunen
Marketing-making robot or channel?
VistaPrint as an example: customised per user, not general
Measure effectiveness: attract, nurture, prioritize, sell
Marketing automation training
Questions for today:
Can we forget target segments and segmentation?
Can we forget campaigns?
What happens to creatives?
What does an advertising agency do?
Success stories?
Can it be integrated across all marketing communications?
Role in customer journey?
How does it increase sales and marketing cooperation?
Social media as part of automated marketing?

2nd presenter: Susanna Juusti, ID BBN

Iron Mountain case: Where’s your tipping point?
Different needs. Prospects helped along the customer journey with automated nurture emails.
Main objectives: 2k markering qualified leads from SMEs around Europe/ nurture leads with right messages.
Target audience:B2B stakeholders: business owners, records manager, IT manager, HR, etc.
Campaign visualized through creative execution in marketing communication.
Messages for needs mapped across audience profiles, buying journeys, job functions.
Messages for awareness, interest and consideration phases.
Campaign website: landing pages for 7 different job functions and 6 different product areas: TECS-mapped clearly which content was leading to which page, etc.
3k leads and 7:1ROI.

Atos case
Partner in the London Olympics
Personal bests: 5 different solutions using every possible channel, but digitally-led.
Bilt to take advantage not only of the event itself but a huge before and after contact plan.
Eloqua used for automation:41k mails, 140 different mail creatives, 130 landing pages, 6 languages, 5 solutions.
Results: 5k contacts, 10% new, some became active, 2.5% super active. 1bn€ pipleine, 100m€ already sold.
No more digital marketing as a separate channel.

Tecnology-enabled contact strategy (TECS)
Framework for contact strategies to help clients see big picture and build up and integrate all marketing channels.
Systematic working process.
Content, content, content.

3rd presenter: Heikki Karjaluoto, Jyväskylän yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulu

Has traditional marketing reached the end of the line?
Moving from leads to quality leads.
Nike: our best athletes help us create better products, at the end of the day, it’s all about the product.
Connect with the customer: let’s be where the consumers are and prove them with great content and great stories.
From one to many (product, price, place, promotion) to many to many communication (customer solution, customer cost, convenience, communication).
Marketing: managinng profitable customer relationships: CRM
Keeping customers and acquiring customers.
Social corporation, social CRM in the future: because customer is in power
Marketing auitomation: customer recognition, customer classification, communication and offering customisation.
Inbound vs outbound marketing: soft sell vs hard sell.
Example: ollijunes.com, micro company creating leads through social.
Case: HubSpot, 50k leads/month!
Marketing has changed, focus on relationships, service and digitalization.
In a nutshell: Strengthening of multichannel comminication, customer dialogue facilitation and measurement.

4th presenter: Riina Kirmanen, Vaisala
Why is marketing being reborn, marketing automation, digital ecosystem, case studies and measurement.
Vaisala has a Digital Center of Excellence!
From traditional marketing to relationship/digital/content marketing
From sales support to lead generator to business partner.
Marketing objectives in line with business strategies.
Roles of sales and marketing are changing because of: marketing technology, engagement, targeting, conversion, analytics.
Marketing digital ecosystem
Marketing automation training
Content marketing: leads/sales opportunities from all sources (see picture)
Marketing automation training
To be developed vs. sales-qualified leads.
Case Vaisala knowledge eNewsletter programme: small reach but very well targeted, unsubscription rate below 1%. Planned with conversion points. Integrated with sales so that salesperson knows when visiting a customer what he/she has done on website for the last year and a half.
Case Vaisala nurturing programmes: what is the path that I want a customer to take, depending on solution? Content assets. Not campaign thinking here, just keep it going! SEM campaign thinking of triggers. Thought through together with sales in terms of messages and role of each.
Lead scoring: explicit and implicit data!
Webinars: 50 per year, excellent assets for conversion.
Social media: not a priority channel, but gives good leads and helps with thought leadership.
Measurement: how well do we help implement execution. Currently 445 active campaigns, less than 1% hard bounces. 6k€ company subscriber value for newsletter. 2/3 of leads through digital channels. Some segments more mature to start the customer journey digitally than others.
Change management by flying below the radar, get results, then tell everybody.

5th presenter: Mika Autio, Ruukki

Installation service, ruukkiroofs.com
Ruukkiroofs before used to be about getting a roof off through a form. Now it has approachable, professional and local. Built on top of eloqua and salesforce. Etsi kattomestari or tilaa kattomestari. Traffic driven from display, sem, newsletters, own webpage, exhibition materials, facebook.
Automatic email confirmation to customer and lead sms to roof installer.
Campaign planned and ready-made for different scenarios, sales on board for a developing campaign, ab testing done, deployed in under 6 weeks, 100% sales increase YoY.
Measurement to be improved, as it wasn’t defined in the beginning. Do now, ask for forgiveness later ;-).

6th presenter: Susanna Repo, Veikkaus

Systematic customer feedback for improving customer service and business results.
1000 customers every day. They cannot advertise, but need to differentiate through product and service development.
Case Jokeri: huge customer feedback numbers when the game changed, advertising changed, character changed, but didnt’t immediately analyse so lost two months since feedback was quite bad. How to change?
Worked with Etuma to change situation and do proper feedback analysis.
Case Lotto & Viking Lotto: smaller prizes available after customer feedback, increased sales and revenue. Later expanded to all players.
Bettable events: added NBA & Jukolan Viesti after customer feedbaack. However, cannot do everything: Indian customers asked for cricket.
Custom benefits: no more codes, only click a button for customer recognition.
Customer service: while customers wanted longer hours, it was not profitable.
Customer feedback processing further automated in real time in the future, included in business processes! Currently using Whitevector for monitoring.

7th presenter: Timo Kruskopf, Idea Development Oy

Marketing automation and creative
A idea is always needed, brands still need a story, a point of view, automation helps with message repetition.
Now it is simply easier to reach more audiences through different channels.
Content needs to be planned to for use at different parts of the consumer journey.
Idea needs to work at each stage of the consumer journey.
Evaluating big long ideas: head, heart, holy shit.

8th presenter: Heikki Karjaluoto, Jyväskylän yliopiston kauppakorkeakoulu
Measurement needs to not be too much, or danger is to lose the forest for the trees (no red thread).
On the contrary, measurements can give peace for creativity.

9th presenter: Torsti Tenhunen
A brand needs to have a personality and a story.
Long, reactive campaigns that are always on.
Simpler to get different leads.

Marketing Clinic: Digital marketing planning

Original post here, but content below:

In my previous post I gave a small overview of what are the challenges marketers have to solve now that digital media has become mainstream and how these changes affect their processes and competitive environment.

A tool that has served me well to frame and plan marketing activities (not only in digital, but digitally-led) is the owned, bough, earned, traded media framework, which I became very familiar with in a previous position.  The beauty of it lies in the way it helps to organise and rethink your marketing activities per touchpoint, audience addressed and role, so instead of looking at a list of tactical activities a marketing manager has building blocks to create, execute and measure engaging marketing communication and eventually experiences.

Naturally you can find some material around this topic on the web, but if you want to get concrete examples on how to use this for your own marketing activities, you should join us at the Talent Clinic this spring.  Stay tuned!

Marketing Clinic: Adapting to the marketing changes brought by digital technologies

First blog post in the Marketing Clinic blog.  Content below:

Catharina in her blog post mentioned the changes that have happened in the media landscape in the past few years, where customers are always on, opinionated and talk back in real time. We believe many marketers haven’t adapted to this new reality, especially if they have so far dealt with traditional media.

As mentioned in this post from Digiday, CMOs and marketing managers still make the mistake of trying to control the brand because they come from a background of controlling the message. With many-to-many communication, it becomes tough for these leaders as they need to let go a little. A brand’s real meaning is only what the customers think it is.

Furthermore, the variety of products, channels, consumers and competition make marketing strategy definition, activity planning and execution less straightforward than in the past.  Why? Oftentimes marketing managers don’t know where to start and the competences needed at all levels of the organization are much more varied than ever before: service design, social media analysis and search engine buyers were disciplines that were not in the marketing toolbox ten years ago.

In order to help their brands grow, marketers need to plan when and how to move from shouting to enabling and participating in conversations and creating engaging experiences.  In my next post, I will give you some ideas.

Facebook marketing seminar, March 2013

Facebookmarkkinointi seminaari 5.3.2013

Facebook marketing seminar by the Finnish advertisers association.

Storified by Luis Orozco· Fri, Mar 08 2013 01:38:11

Tänään FB-markkinointia #mlseminaari:ssa. Osallistu keskusteluun! http://bit.ly/WgMVBLMainostajien Liitto
#mlseminaari about to begin.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari Kurio talking about Finnish social media trends 2013Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari alkamassa. http://pic.twitter.com/2iOFqrJt7WMainostajien Liitto
#mlseminaari Namechecking the people they interviewed for their study.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari mobile is mainstream. New generations in Asia only know the web through their mobiles.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari correlation between social media and e-commerce activity.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari Phenomena born through trial and error iterationlLuis Orozco
#mlseminaari greatest challengeis getting comittment for social media activities due to resource intensiveness.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari big data becoming reality, granularity of information becoming useful.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari Content needs to be interesting, time relevant and value-adding. #contentmarketingLuis Orozco
#mlseminaari pinterest and instagram plus mobile cameras make sure a picture means a thousand words ;-)Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari kill organisational siloes (yes, please)Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari Facebook becoming more of a paid media channel due to stock market pressures. "Our users are still in our best interest".Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari people don’t drink the kool-aid that easily anymore, users becoming more critical.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari full @kurio study at http://kurio.fi/ajankohtaista/tutkimus-somemarkkinoinnin-trendit-2013/Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari Matias Vaara talking about the intersection of mobile and social. Yeah!Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari @matiasvaara talking about N2Luis Orozco
Kaverit taskussa – some ja mobiili yhdessä, mitä tarkoittaa markkinoijalle @matiasvaara kertoo #mlseminaariAsta Anttila
#mlseminaari dude, where’s my cheese? How do people use social now?Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari 50% of social media users log in though their smartphones.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari ja @matiasvaara aiheelle "Kaverit taskussa" [pic]: http://4sq.com/VyaAhKPetri Mertanen
#mlseminaari even compared to "mobile-first" services such as @4sq, @Instagram or @twitter, Facebook has over 6 times the users.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari results of research by Finnish mobile operator DNA: 42% use facebook on mobile at home, 89% at home at night, 46% @ work/schoolLuis Orozco
#mlseminaari social media basically follows us everywhere, even when we’re with friends physicalllyLuis Orozco
#mlseminaari now showing a great diagram I can’t describe ;-)Luis Orozco
25 % käyttää älypuhelinta ennen nukkumaan menoa sängyssä. Statuspäivitys: "pakollinen viikkoseksi lauantaisaunan jälkeen". #WTF #mlseminaariPetri Mertanen
#mlseminaari convergence between social computing and smrtphone hardware/software.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari how does brand-created content work on mobiles.? usually not that well…Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari facebook newsfeedis the most important, but some content doesn’t work on mobile.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari pics, text, ads and sponsored stories work. Polls, tab-apps, long texts and banners don’t work on FB mobile.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari sponsored stories seem to be a brand’s best friend?Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari Facebook page post add also works.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari mobile app install ad: format only available for mobile.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari Twitter:Promoted tweets. Native ad format.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari SoLoMo possibilities next.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari foursquare, ravinolapäivä & airbnb as great examples of working SoLoMo services.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari facebook created their Nearby functionality after buying Gowalla. Still hasn’t really lifted off, but seems interesting.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari location info as part of status updates. Separate FB check-in not so used.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari my friends at @Patrona being used as a SoLoMo example ;-)Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari crowdit video.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari crowdit created by Carlsberg. Is it better to use existimg services or create your own?Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari nike+ example.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari chilean bigtime example,Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari mobile camera possibilities. For somebody with 38k pics on Flickr this is very old news.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari positive and negative experiences shared through pictures.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari instagram as an example. No longer for hipsters?Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari Zappos and Levi’s instagram campaign examples.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari keepcup instagram usage.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari case Watkins: fenopalm by JWT.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari create visual experiences and encourage people to share them.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari second screen next. Yay! #linnanjuhlat best example ever.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari oreo superbowl example.Luis Orozco
@matiasvaara: "#Facebook:issa kuuminta juuri nyt: Valokuvalliset kokemukset." #mlseminaariIda Hakola
SoMe on nyt suomalaisten taskussa. Uusia oivalluksia ja konkreettisia kotiinviemisiä #mlseminaari:sta -Markkinoinnin & viestinnän tytötS-Pankin arkea
@matiasvaara paaluttaa #mlseminaari :ssa – luo valokuvauksellisia kokemuksia someen, osallista valokuvallisesti.Perttu Iso-Markku
applikaatiotko eivät toimi facebookissa mobiilisti? toimii, jos tekee responsiivisen alustan. #mlseminaariElina Patjas
Kaverit taskussa – mitä sosiaalisen median ja mobiiliteknologian yhteentörmäys tarkoittaa markkinoijan kannaltaN2:n strategi Matias Vaara puhui Mainostajien Liiton seminaarissa sosiaalisen median ja mobiiliteknologian yhteentörmäyksestä. Aiheina mm…
#mlseminaari next: content and earned mediaLuis Orozco
Arvioita: instagramia käyttää 8% suomalaisista, 12-18-ikäryhmästä jopa 40%. #mlseminaariPerttu Iso-Markku
#mlseminaari @idahakola nextLuis Orozco
#mlseminaari intro to earned media. @DaGood would be proud.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari 31% of brands working on content marketing as their priority in digital. Planning is now emphasising own and earned.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari content planning according to target group, building processes to reach them continouously.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari earned media lies in the intersection of the messages that are important to brand and the topics that are matter to customer.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari 3 strategic success factors for content marketing:Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari 1. Know your target: who they are, what do they do, how they behave, what do they share.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari 2. do you know the digital market? What is being done, what is the value add we bring?Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari 3. Do you know what the conversation topics are? And how can you join in in a way that is value-adding, not just spam.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari goats screaming like humans meme FTW.Luis Orozco
Oh My Goat. #funny Super Bowl ad winner: http://bit.ly/Yrv22v #mlseminaariPetri Mertanen
#mlseminaari and how doritos used the meme: http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=4d8ZDSyFS2g&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D4d8ZDSyFS2gLuis Orozco
sisällönsuunittelussa tarvitaan lisää reaktiivisuutta ja joustoa. couldn’t agree more. #mlseminaariElina Patjas
#mlseminaari content plans are made to be broken if the brand’s procdses are built to react.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari who is your brand’s Felix Baumgartner? And to think I was involved on that in the beginning…Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari trial and error: wash, rinse, repeat.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari if all else fails in social media you can always jump from space.Kalle Hiitola
#mlseminaari 4 ways to shake it like Felix ;-)Luis Orozco
Miten yhdistää markkinoinnissa pitkäjänteinen suunnittelu ja reagointi relevantteihin ajankohtaisiin ilmiöihin? @idahakola #mlseminaariMainostajien Liitto
#mlseminaari 1. Be fun: hands on tikkurila example.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari 2. Be informative: tutorials, infographs, etc.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari 3. Be time-relevant: avokado tukku Safka example.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari 4. Be networked: Nokia x Burton example. @Blether would be proud.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari content for content marketing is planned more from a journalistic perspective than form an advertiser’s hard sale perspective.Luis Orozco
@idahakola : Olisi syytä miettiä jo sitä, miksi meillä on verkkosivut. Mitä verkkosivuilla halutaan saada aikaan? #mlseminaariPerttu Iso-Markku
Sisällöt ja ansaittu näkyvyysSISÄLLÖT JAANSAITTU NÄKYVYYS 5.3.2013
#mlseminaari now my man jussipeach @jussipekka will bring @Valio examples to the house,Luis Orozco
Sain FB-mainonnan presen valmiiksi. Lavalla #mlseminaari :ssa @Jussipekka :n jälkeen. Kiintoisa Valion näkökulma tulossaJani Halme
#mlseminaari food and food conversations are the thing.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari talking about the main attributes of the Valio brand and their business.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari valio focused on building own media channels: Valio.fi mobile, FB, twitter, youtube, newsletterd, Pinterest, Google+, InstagramLuis Orozco
#mlseminaari youtube Finnish launch enhancing its role for Finnish brands.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari social media factors: company culture, tools, people, metrics, governance, processes to add value to business.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari company culture: how can any valio employee get something out of digital tools? How to behave? How to erase the siloes?Luis Orozco
@jussipekka: Isoin asia sosiaalisen median tuomisessa organisaatioon on kulttuurin muutos, ei työkalujen opiskelu. #mlseminaariPerttu Iso-Markku
#mlseminaari reward participation in the web.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari governance stakeholders: marketing, communications, customer service.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari processes need to define boundaries, roles and behaviours.Luis Orozco
@jussipekka #Valio osallistaa työntekijöitään sosialiseen kanssakäyntiin. Sosiaalisuuden pitää toimia läpi eri osastojen! #mlseminaariIda Hakola
#mlseminaari people: roles and responsibilities, open leadership, competences and competence developmentLuis Orozco
#mlseminaari community of experts: help when in need, cheer up, comfort, expertise development!Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari valio listens to customers and answers as actively as possible.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari customer feedback also used in product development! Yes! ;-)Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari HR and recruitment using LinkedIn. Important channel where relevant organisation has taken full resposibility.Luis Orozco
Osaajien yhteisö firmassa tärkeä – jakaa oppia ja tukea @jussipekka #mlseminaariAsta Anttila
#mlseminaari internal blogs and forums for intra-company communication.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari social presences across services, where things are tried out.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari metrics: reach, polarity, conversion KPIs for activity iteration. Metrics dependent on strategic goals.Luis Orozco
@jussipekka: Siilot nurin ja some-henkilöstöstä uskaltava osaajien yhteisö. #mlseminaariPerttu Iso-Markku
#mlseminaari integrated campaign example: rakkaudesta suomalaiseen maitoon. Digital is not a separate channel. Yes! ;-)Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari also important for comms purposes: kilpailuvirasto, maitosota cases.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari @janicky talking about FB marketing planningLuis Orozco
Kommentteja ja kysymyksiä saa laittaa myöhemminkin 🙂 #mlseminaariJussi-Pekka Erkkola
#mlseminaari toinenphd sees that advertising efficiency is decresing.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari digital marketing success factors: concept, contact, and conversion.Luis Orozco
Konsepti, kontaktointi, konversiolaskelma -> tulokset by @Janicky #mlseminaari http://pic.twitter.com/HL9PClEbvqJussi-Pekka Erkkola
#mlseminaari digital consumer behaviour, analitics, concept and media planning and production need to be on the dame page.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari FB advertising is one of the fastest growing media advertising forms in Finland.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari FB advertising will increase the reach of your fangroup posts, as organically it is around 7% (FB says 16%).Luis Orozco
Jani Halme: yrityssivujen fb-päivitykset näkyvät keskimäärin 7% faneista. (Fb väittää että 16%lle.) #mlseminaariPerttu Iso-Markku
. @Janicky : Analyysin mukaan 7% faneista näkee postaukset orgaanisesti. #mlseminaariAsta Anttila
#mlseminaari FB advertising formats: standard ads, page posts, sponsored stories and mobile app install.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari FB standard ads are up to 70% less effectivethan News fiid ads.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari page posts or sponsored stories work best.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari FB offers require, well, a good enough offer for a good CPA.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari log out ads have a fixed price: 6k€/ day but reach millions.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari content is king. FB itself wants ad-like content out of the service. Pictures however work beautifully,Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari number of likes doesn’t matter, quality of likes of a page is everything (couldn’t agree more).Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari Newsfeed photo ads work best: page posts or sponsored stories.Luis Orozco
Jani Halme: fb-tykkääjien laatu tärkeää. Lisää orgaanista näkyvyyttä ja laskee mainosten hintaa. #mlseminaariPerttu Iso-Markku
#mlseminaari effectiveness varies widely in FB campaigns: campaigns can go from 0.02% to 10% CTR.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari FB changes the rules all the time and is a challenging partner to work with.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari e.g. A picture can have up to 20% text.Luis Orozco
@Janicky: Facebookin uusimman määrittelyn mukaan postattavasta kuvasta saa olla vain 20% tekstiä. #mlseminaariPerttu Iso-Markku
#mlseminaari retargeting coming to facebook this spring.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari FB bringing their own conversion measurement tool. Layout will be emphasize pics more. Targeting will become more granular.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari custom audience tool: bringing FB info and customer’s CRM system info together. (Very interesting!)Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari the ability to track the full consumer journey of a customer through FBs customer audience tool is the holy grail of marketing.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari FBindex tool shows what kind of content works in FB.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari facebook wants to be everything for everybody. Will it blend? ;-)Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari budget planning needs to change: 25% recommended for innovation and pilots.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari Näin juuri, kiitos Jani Halme! http://pic.twitter.com/kzfP6v6hszjohanna tonttila
@DirtyTarmo @matiasvaara Nykybudjetoinnissa aika=raha.Omien ja ansaittujen kanavien tehokas hyödyntäminen vaatii enemmän aikaa. #mlseminaariJani Halme
#mlseminaari FB haluaa olla tv:n korvaaja by @Janicky – ainakin omaa aikaani se vie jo enemmän.Meri Asikainen
Toimiva Facebook-mainontaEsitykseni 5.3.2013 Mainostajien liiton "FACEBOOK-SEMINAARI: Tykkäämisestä tehokkaaseen vuorovaikutukseen" -seminaarista.
#mlseminaari @mertanen next, talking about insights from analytics.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari making the analogy between a silent person and a silent brand.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari mobile facebook, once again. ;-)Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari facebook tabapplications can use tagging, othwise we are held ransom by facebook insights only.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari facebook offers can be used after 100 fans have been reached.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari integrate FB with othermarketing channels (nice, but lind of obvious).Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari examples: FB buttons in wbpage or newsletter, commenting using FB login.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari SEM for facebook fan page (intresting, would that be something that drives brand awareness for repurchase?).Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari physical POS promotions and TV ad mentioning of own fb fanpage.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari video ads (e.g. youtube, Ruutu.fi)Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari from a measurement standpoint, integrated campaigns are a problem if everything happens at the same time.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari facebook insights for fanpages tells more than just number of likes: trends,engagement, activity.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari set up goals in google analytics if you are driving traffic to your website (good point, often forgotten).Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari talking about tagging per activity.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari look at multi-channel funnels, not only the final click. (Lots of different variations coming, then).Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari measurement framework: strategic objectives, goals and kpisLuis Orozco
#mlseminaari interesting kpi: interactions per 1000 fans IPM. Screenshot from conversocial.Luis Orozco
#mlseminaari the endLuis Orozco

Next step in my career

I joined Marketing Clinic, the largest marketing consulting firm in the Nordics, a couple of months ago to help setting up their digital marketing practice.  As mentioned in their site, my focus area is integrated digital marketing across own, bought, earned and traded media, its influence through the consumer journey and its relationship with other marketing activities.

The team is a lot of fun and the work is very varied, so it looks like it was worth it to look for the right opportunity after all.  If you are a company trying to make sense of the opportunities digital can bring to your business outside of advertising campaign development or are looking for ways to develop your digital marketing expertise get in touch. 😀