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Hair colour scales

One thing that has caught my attention for a while now is how people see hair colour differently. For example: many people in northern Europe would describe my hair colour and my eyes as black, whereas in Mexico or in Africa my hair colour is brown, and so are my eyes. Same thing with blond, many people that I would consider blond really don’t think of themselves as blond, and vice-versa.

Mexican hand gestures

I’ve been asked so many times about certain things I do that I decided to explain.

  1. Extending and contracting your index finger while all others are contracted means yes.
  2. Extending your index finger and then moving it from side to side while all others are contracted means no.
  3. Extending all fingers, then taking the tips of them to your forehead with your palm facing you and doing a movement outward of about twenty centimetres means thank you.

Update: The video is available here.