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We visited Konstanz in southern Germany for the wedding of a couple of friends. I had never had the chance to visit that corner of Europe, and I would actually quite recommend it during the summer months. The wedding was beautiful and a good time was had by all before, during and after the party. You can find some photos from our visit below. The rest of the pictures, as usual here.

Campiña suiza
Konstanz is right at the Swiss border. Corn growing in the Swiss countryside.
Walking around Konstanz
The Bodensee or Konstanz lake is the main feature of the city. The lake is quite big and is shared by Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Walking around Konstanz
The town is so close to the border with Switzerland that it was spared the bombings of World War II, making it one of the few German cities which have kept their original old town.
Walking around Konstanz
Cathedral of Konstanz.
Tour por la región de Konstanz
The area is renowned for the production of white whine.
Rhine near Konstanz
The River Rhine flows through the city.
Local Weizen
A local wheat beer. It was excellent.
Imperia, one of the symbols of the city with the Bodensee and the Alps as backdrop.


Michelada de Pacífico

Originally uploaded by Chiva Congelado

A Michelada is a Mexican beer cocktail that is very popular during the summer months. The recipe is quite simple, and my favourite is below:

  • 1 Mexican pale lager (Corona, Sol, Pacífico or Montejo recommended)
  • 2.5 limes
  • Salt
  • Maggi seasoning
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Valentina sauce (optional)
  • Habanero or Tabasco Habanero sauce (optional)

Get a proper beer mug and fill the rim with salt. Squeeze the juice out of the lemons, add a couple of drops of the sauces in the list and finally the beer.


Belgian Beer Review: Westvleteren

This is a post in the Belgian beer review series.

Chocolate caramel colour. Bouquet of blueberry toffee. Creamy but not mushy head. Intial taste of bitter trappist, later becomes softer, gitst of saaristoleipä initially, then notes of blueberry, cream and honey. Awesome experience, great beer. No wonder it is regarded as the best beer in Belgium and probably the world.

Don’t accept pirate products: case Salitos

Don't accept pirate products

Found this Salitos pseudo-Mexican beer in the shelves of my local supermarket.  After a little bit of googling found out it is produced in Germany by a company that has nothing to do with Latin America at all.  This is the kind of marketing that I absolutely abhor: when companies find a market niche they try to fill by being something they’re not.  This kind of misleading advertising worked before people had access to information, now with the net everybody can see if the emperor has no clothes.

Belgian Beer Review: Gulden Draak

This is a post in the Belgian beer review series.

A slightly fruity dark ale with a strong flavour and a beautiful chocolate colour. However, I don’t like beers where the taste of alcohol is too obvious, so this was not one of my favourites.
I found it in a bar in Finland while doing a beer tasting.

Belgian beer review: Bush

This is a post in the Belgian beer review series.

elgian beer review: Bush
Originally uploaded by Chiva Congelado

Extremely strong Belgian amber beer. Unless you are really into beers with high alcoholic content it is really not recommended, even if the bottle looks nice.

Here ends the Belgian beer review. I had some of these stored for a while (sorry for the delay), and won’t be able to try new ales until I visit Belgium again.