Weekly tweets from 2018-02-05 to 2018-02-11

  • RT @Noste: Suomalainen insinööri ei olisi lähettänyt autoaan avaruuteen. Hänen Skodansa edullisimmat kilometrit ovat vasta tulossa.

    "Muute… ->

  • RT @veronicalderon: Ojalá haya un día que en México se reconozca el enoooooooooooorme clasismo y racismo de este país. ¿No, güerito? #Elecc->
  • RT @FinancialTimes: Between the end of 2015 and 2017, the MSCI’s index of Latin American stocks rose by more than 50 per cent. Since then,… ->
  • RT @kashhill: I made my house smart. It was terrible and I think @trevortimm kind of wanted to divorce me https://t.co/JtQ2aBFtIa ->
  • RT @MaxCRoser: One year ago today Hans Rosling died.
    To remember him I want to share some links in this thread.

    Of the many talks he gave,… ->

  • RT @BenedictEvans: So many lessons for the car industry in this chart. And a parable of what happened to phones, too. https://t.co/FxSbPh2u… ->
  • RT @helfitzgerald: multiple generations who grew up in superhero movies and james bond and no one can recognize a supervillian when he laun… ->
  • RT @ianbremmer: Nebraska, we have a problem. https://t.co/sQFuk21p0D ->
  • RT @thisisFINLAND: The Finns make the most out of a cold #winter by using the frozen ocean as a park for walking, skiing and more. https://… ->
  • RT @OP_Ryhma: Muistathan, että jos lähetät autosi ulkoavaruuteen, niin autovakuutuksesi ei ole siellä voimassa. https://t.co/eAG73DrEJ5 ->
  • RT @ameri_naco: El gringo ya es Mexa! https://t.co/Rxeg8lQEXH ->
  • RT @AdrianSantuario: entrené un algoritmo de TensorFlow que mide tu tono de piel para el interactivo de Data Science que hice junto con Chi… ->
  • RT @adrianayee: El señor que le renta a Nadia cree que Nadia se llama Mirrumi porque su roomie la menciona así con él y no por su nombre. H… ->
  • RT @lukew: lines crossing https://t.co/a03TVrOOWm ->
  • RT @FourkindNow: The misrepresentation of AI is is reaching peak ridiculousness. It's embarrassing, and it's harmful to the field. https://… ->
  • RT @vpkivimaki: Scientists at Sarov nuclear lab arrested for attempting to use a supercomputer to mine Bitcoin. https://t.co/YibZUwFhzX ->
  • RT @NBCOlympics: When you trick your kid into cleaning #EverydayOlympics https://t.co/jzMbq0nnaq ->
  • RT @mexicoworldcup: Seem to be asking this every week these days … but … Que pex with Chivas? #ligamxeng ->
  • RT @PaulMMCooper: I ordered this book from my library, & it finally arrived yesterday.

    It might not look like much, but it feels really em… ->

  • RT @CarlaMorrisonmx: Fui a los tacos y una chica susurro: mira ahí esta Carla Morrison… su novio dijo: claro que no! Que haría ella aquí?… ->
  • RT @GustavoArellano: Hipster etymologists as of recent have obsessed over Australian English's supposedly unique method of creating nicknam… ->
  • A group of Ex-#Nokia ns translated a book of the last days of the company’s mobile business. You can find it here: https://t.co/ZJqQ7aM915 ->
  • 15 km of cross-country skiing is a fantastic way to end the weekend #helsinki #paloheinä… https://t.co/vYhzjy5ddV ->
  • RT @mareoflores: "Lo del eeeh puto no es homófobo, estamos echando desma".
    "Decirle prieto a alguien no es racista, así se dice".

    A veces… ->

  • RT @page_eco: Striking pictures of the East-West divide in Europe:

    – attitudes towards migrants
    – attitudes towards same sex mariage
    – air… ->

  • RT @carlosbravoreg: Más allá del ángulo racial del “prietos”: Ochoa dijo en un mitin del PRI q muchos priistas se están llendo a Morena. O… ->
  • RT @ThatEricAlper: You wake up in 1918. What job are you qualified to do? ->
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