I am a digital marketing expert looking for new opportunities

I am passionate about how the internet and digital technologies touch the lives of people, therefore impacting business. I have over 12 years of experience in the meeting point of the technology and marketing industries, and have both a technical and business background.

My specialties are partnerships, applications and integrated marketing. I have seen that as technologically-enabled behaviours become mainstream, digital marketing shouldn’t be thought of as a separate function but should work as the glue binding experiences together, while taking advantage of the main strenghts of each channel.

I believe digital is not only about tactical execution, but strategic impact. At the end of the day, whatever you do has to provide value to your business, your stakeholders and your audience. Otherwise, you will lose them.

I have a proven record in leading people and projects for excellent results and a strong international exposure, having lived in 3 countries in 2 continents, and varying proficiency levels in 8 languages. I am in intimate contact with different cultures and appreciate that.

I am generally able to see both the big picture and focus on the details. I have an open demeanor and a positive mindset. I am a natural networker and have as high expectations of myself as I do of others. I am agile in execution and work well across different organizational boundaries.

I am open to relocate depending on the role.

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