Weekly tweets from 2013-05-13 to 2013-05-19

  • Denmark was good and will attract most of the "serious" voting. I'm still with the Farinelli Vlad Tepes if Finland doesn't win . #esc ->
  • I think I saw Iceland in this ad before http://t.co/krM0D0TiYd #esc ->
  • Azerbaijan… Meh. Interesting idea withthe cube though. #esc ->
  • Cue quotes on Greek austerity in 3, 2, 1… But I like the ska beat. #esc ->
  • Ukraine going for stupid song with good looking performer carried to stage by a dude in the 2 meter range. Did you guys watch Willow? #esc ->
  • The Italian looks so… Italian. Did mamma comb his hair or something? #esc ->
  • Norway channelling Icelandic national treasure Björk… #esc ->
  • Georgia. Duet. Fireworks. #esc ->
  • Ireland. SafriDuo. #esc ->
  • Of Greece, Romania or Finland don't win, Europe has no sense of humour 😉 #esc ->
  • Si no los venden y les cambian el nombre y la sede antes / @ligaMx: Bienvenido el @RebocerosClub a la @LigaMX. in reply to ligaMx ->
  • The Pacific Pumas http://t.co/RBYMHGd74m ->
  • Message In a Bottle http://t.co/4gmZw5cdgm / Latin American lessons for European austerity ->
  • Mexican Company Outsourcing Jobs to the United States http://t.co/1Ca4CS9Sog ->
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Café Tacvba (10), Rodrigo González (5) & Vaquero (3) #music http://t.co/yQxooFcHlz ->
  • A state-run monopoly is killing Mexico’s chances of oil independence http://t.co/Ghz5LwQL4A via @qz ->
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