Digital shift news, May 3, 2013

Also published in the MC blog.

Friday again and time for our news roundup of the week.

  • Facebook released its 1Q13 earnings report and reception was decidedly mixed.  This analysis breaks down 5 reasons why, from rising operational costs to lowering average revenue per user (ARPU) to the huge shift to mobile where advertising might be more difficult.
  • An interesting roundup of technologies that are changing the world including 3D printing, mobile payments and software as a service.
  • 10 years ago Apple launched iTunes and the music business was not the same ever again.  Between iTunes and Spotify, when was the last time you bought a CD?
  • Rovio mobile launched Angry Birds Toons a month ago, and their cartoons have already achieved 100 million views through their own games (story in Finnish).  This has enabled the company to launch their own advertising network avoiding other established players.
  • A retailer tests an advertising concept internally for a new service offering and then makes a silent launch on the web.  Said retailer follows closely as the creative becomes a viral hit and the company decides to use it also in traditional media. When the brand involved is one that is perceived to be as boring as Kmart, one can only expect this approach to become more common.
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