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In my previous post I gave a small overview of what are the challenges marketers have to solve now that digital media has become mainstream and how these changes affect their processes and competitive environment.

A tool that has served me well to frame and plan marketing activities (not only in digital, but digitally-led) is the owned, bough, earned, traded media framework, which I became very familiar with in a previous position.  The beauty of it lies in the way it helps to organise and rethink your marketing activities per touchpoint, audience addressed and role, so instead of looking at a list of tactical activities a marketing manager has building blocks to create, execute and measure engaging marketing communication and eventually experiences.

Naturally you can find some material around this topic on the web, but if you want to get concrete examples on how to use this for your own marketing activities, you should join us at the Talent Clinic this spring.  Stay tuned!

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