Weekly tweets from 2012-11-26 to 2012-12-02

  • Blog Post: Weekly tweets from 2012-11-19 to 2012-11-25: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: ABBA (3), Mexican Institute of… http://t.co/9Y8MKSq6 ->
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Weezer (11), Mexican Institute of Sound (5) & Miranda (2) #music http://t.co/xFBbXDkF ->
  • Punnitse ja päästä (@ Punnitse & Säästä) http://t.co/FeEd0g6l ->
  • I'm now ranked Experienced (top 60%) in FIFA Soccer 13 on Raptr! http://t.co/Kff2Ya7p ->
  • Now that the snow is here, I'm thinking about training to do half of Finlandia hiihto this season. Anybody who would like to join? ->
  • Had the #Nokia marketing alumni meetup. Really glad to catch up with so many friends, former colleagues. ->
  • . @Angrybirds Star Wars releases their Hoth levels just before Helsinki gets 40 cm of snow. Coincidence? Cc @biggfill @saara ->
  • Blog Post: Looking forward to November in Finland is akin to eagerly expecting a tooth extraction:
    No related posts. http://t.co/7vBtiDqW ->
  • Blog Post: Mexico trip, November 2012: Visited Mexico for business and pleasure during November. We stayed in th… http://t.co/vNnmT1xc ->
  • Blog Post: Halo 4 Mexico City guerilla campaign: I’m pretty sure some of these executions would break the law in… http://t.co/G9xtomV9 ->
  • Blog Post: New HSBC emerging markets campaign: HSBC has been running its In the future campaign for some time bu… http://t.co/iGtJlTnq ->
  • #Snowpocalypse in Senaatintori, downtown Helsinki. #Finland #twittographers http://t.co/flTZ24OO ->
  • Blog Post: Digital marketing framework: My friends and former colleagues at Nokia have been talking about the ow… http://t.co/VenWNEiB ->
  • Kimi Räikkönen starring in the new commercial for Apple Maps for iOS 6 http://t.co/bt8ro71r ->
  • The new president of Mexico has been sworn in and he's addressing the nation. I didn't vote for him, but only hope the country does well. ->
  • Viendo la conferencia de prensa de @m_ebrard sobre los incidentes en el centro del DF. Se ha ganado mi voto para 2018. ->
  • Economista imita al Lonje Moco al hablar del tercer trimestre en Brasil: "Fue horrible, fue horrible" http://t.co/bUTrgHlD via @janinakaas ->
  • I know they mean well, but sometimes I get annoyed when people complement me on my Finnish. I can both vote and serve in the army, dammit! ->
  • Uma nova estrela na vizinhança
    http://t.co/ASN7GgEb via @folha_com brazilian newspaper talking about the rise of Mexico. ->
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