Weekly tweets from 2012-10-15 to 2012-10-21

  • Listening to @leebryant of Dachis Group at WeeGee talking about social business. ->
  • Si te interesa estudiar un doctorado en Finlandia checa esta convocatoria: http://t.co/hnwrLfeN ->
  • Suomen kassavirta Meksikosta http://t.co/pHfdvi85 Haluatko myydä tuoteesi suuressa markkinassa? ->
  • Sweden tied Germany 4-4 away, Finland couldn't beat Georgia at home. And they wonder why I'm raising #babychiva to root for Mex in football? ->
  • Book an hour 50 minutes and watch this about the forgotten (in Europe ignored) War of 1812 http://t.co/uHcGnIWv via @youtube ->
  • Carlos Slim en @elpais: http://t.co/A6JrCSKN i hear they also interviewed him for the FT today. ->
  • Google translate doesn't make justice to this editorial of the Southern European crisis as seen from Latin America http://t.co/wqtPkBpA ->
  • http://t.co/0ZJVOgPd ->
  • En Finlandia en la iglesia luterana las mujeres pueden oficiar misa. No tengo ningún problema con eso pero no sé qué palabra usar (continúa) ->
  • En español "sacerdotisa" suena a la antigua Grecia, "madre" a grosería. ¿Ideas? En finlandés la palabra es neutra y no tienen ese problema. ->
  • That Barça away uniform is a crime, and so is also the state of their defense, even if the last two goals have been beautiful. ->
  • Netflix as a service is scaringly good. Start watching something on the iPad, continue on the mobile, finish on TV with Xbox. Firefly FTW! ->
  • Netflix just opened in Finland a couple of days ago. Pity the content library is not that awesome (yet). Get me Plaza Sésamo & CBeebies =) . ->
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