Biking with a small toddler: Burley Single buggy

As you may know, I drive very seldom but bike regularly except for the depths of winter. During some of my cycling trips I noticed some families with small children would have them in buggies attached to their bicycles. We now have one and it has proven very useful during the summer.

The buggy is big enough for our son to sit with enough space for some of his toys while also having a compartment in the back for fitting even a couple of bags for the road. Furthermore, it can easily get detached from the bike and turned into a more or less normal stroller.

While the buggy is not perfect (the seat is not great for when the toddler falls asleep, the stroller is difficult to lift to the bus, the brake is difficult to put) it has given us a freedom with the bikes we didn’t have before. Now we can bike to the summer house and take our clothes for the weekend with us. The buggy is also very safe and well tested, so it feels much more secure for our son than riding in a bike seat.

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