The grand summer 2012 tour of Finland

For the first time in my life I took 4 straight weeks of holiday during the summer, and for most of that we stayed in Finland. We visited Porvoo, Nummi-Pusula, Parikkala and Nauvo, so one can say it was a grand tour of south, east and west of the country. The weather was mostly rainy, but it was still a great holiday. The pictures, as usual, in Flickr.

Southern Finland at midnight in the summer solstice
Southern Finland at midnight in the summer solstice
Solecito y humo del sauna
Sauna smoke and sunlight
Reno cambiando de ropa
Reindeer changing clothes 😉
Taco de birria con consomé
Summer holidays are a perfect excuse for good food: Taco de birria con consomé
Storm with rainbow
Storm with rainbow
Chapel of Silence
Chapel of Silence in Helsinki
Finnish lake
Excursión a la playa del lago
Unbeknownst to me before I moved to Finland, lakes can also have beaches 😉
Nothing else to do in the train
In long train rides you will find plenty of lonely pensive males in the bar drinking beer and watching the landscape go by.
Sculpture park
Russian border area
Russian border area
Russia starts in those woods
Russia starts in those woods
Heroes of Ladoga
Heroes of Ladoga landmark. Before World War II the northwestern shore of Lake Ladoga was Finnish territory.
Nauvon lautta
Nauvo ferry
Dramatic sunset
Dramatic sunset
Not sunny yet
A respite from the rain

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