We visited friends in Geneva for a few days in July.  The photos, as usual, in the Flickr set.

Walking around Geneva
Walking around Geneva.
Geneva choo choo
Geneva choo choo for the little one.
Post Tenebras Lux
The motto of the city is “Post Tenebras Lux” meaning “After darkness, light”.
United Nations Geneva
The League of Nations was based in Geneva. After World War II, the United Nations took over those buildings and host the second largest UN office after New York.
Parc des Bastions
Parc des Bastions. John Calvin, one of the main characters in the Reformation was based here, and many French protestants were given refuge in the city.
Geneva Old Town
St. Pierre Cathedral, mixing Gothic and Neoclassical styles.
Geneva Old Town
Walking in the old town.
Lac Lemain
Geneva is situated at the southwest end of Lac Lemain, one of the largest lakes in Europe. The Jet d’Eau, which was supposed to be a temporary feature, is still one of the main sights over a 100 years after it was built.

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