We visited Konstanz in southern Germany for the wedding of a couple of friends. I had never had the chance to visit that corner of Europe, and I would actually quite recommend it during the summer months. The wedding was beautiful and a good time was had by all before, during and after the party. You can find some photos from our visit below. The rest of the pictures, as usual here.

Campiña suiza
Konstanz is right at the Swiss border. Corn growing in the Swiss countryside.
Walking around Konstanz
The Bodensee or Konstanz lake is the main feature of the city. The lake is quite big and is shared by Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Walking around Konstanz
The town is so close to the border with Switzerland that it was spared the bombings of World War II, making it one of the few German cities which have kept their original old town.
Walking around Konstanz
Cathedral of Konstanz.
Tour por la región de Konstanz
The area is renowned for the production of white whine.
Rhine near Konstanz
The River Rhine flows through the city.
Local Weizen
A local wheat beer. It was excellent.
Imperia, one of the symbols of the city with the Bodensee and the Alps as backdrop.
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