Jyväskylä & Lahti, Finland

Spent a long weekend right after Mexico in Jyväskylä and Lahti for Rally Finland.  Some of my best pictures and videos below (the rest are found here).

Nokia at WRC
You can follow live every WRC race straight from your Nokia device.
Lake in downtown Lahti

Driving to Jyväskylä
Driving back to Jyväskylä

Abandoned mökki
Abandoned cabin in Urria
Closing ceremony
Awards ceremony. Loeb won again.

Overall it was a very nice experience and now I understand why it is one of the iconic races in the WRC calendar.  The only sad part was a small run in with a drunk racist jerk after I had briefly met MP Hakkarainen in my last night in town (“Smile and wave, smile and wave”). And people ask me why I tend to avoid the cities between Tampere and Lapland… 😉

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