Mexico, summer 2011

We spent 2 excellent weeks in Mexico visiting my family.  With the new member of the family in tow we didn’t do a lot of tourism so I do not have that many “publishable” pictures this time, but below you can find some.

The rest, as usual, in the set.

Jícamas, 3 kinds of mangoes, prickly pears, mameyes, guavas
Lots of fruits you cannot find in Finland: jícamas, 3 kinds of mangoes, prickly pears, mameyes, guavas
Mole de olla
My mom's wonderful mole de olla. I've had it in restaurants and it isn't nearly as good.
México, U-17 World Champion
Mexico won the U-17 world football championship while we were there and the whole country celebrated.
Tuna / Prickly pear
How to peel a prickly pear. Stuff that grows wild in Mexico costs 7€/kilo here and doesn't taste as good.
Pancita, cow's stomach soup. Might sound disgusting, but it's great for hangovers.
Mexican breakfast
A healthy hotel Mexican breakfast. No wonder we can stand without having lunch until 3 or 4 p.m. after one of these.
Beach in Ixtapa
Beach in Ixtapa, Guerrero, in the Pacific coast.
View from my hotel room
View from our hotel room in Ixtapa

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