Greece, magical Greece

One of my favourite books growing up was an illustrated introduction to Greek history and mythology, with photographs of the most important archaeological sites.  In 11 years living in Europe I hadn’t had a chance to visit Greece until now.  It was too short and a history buff like me will have to return.

The story in pictures (more here, as usual).

Walking around Corinth
Modern Corinth doesn't have a lot of sights, but the flora more than made up for it.
Finally, my childhood dream, the Parthenon. 😀
Rally Greece Ceremonial Start
Not a bad sight to start your event at.
Austerity protests in Athens
The state of the Greek economy is all over the news. Thankfully this is as close to the protests as we got.
SS1 Thiva
Corinth canal
The Corinth Canal.
Loutraki sunset in HDR
I'll have to come back on holiday to really enjoy the place.
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