Córdoba, Argentina

I had visited Argentina before in 2004-05 (during their summer) and had a chance to do so again recently.  This time I didn’t have the opportunity to stay in Buenos Aires, beautiful city as it is, but was in the province of Córdoba for work.  The people have always treated me well (even if someone did remark I speak like somebody from TV due to my accent :P), the food is wonderful and the landscapes of such a varied country are very beautiful.

Pictures are more eloquent than words, so some below (more here).

Bombilla de Mate
Mate is an institution.
Lago San Roque HDR
Villa Carlos Paz is the main holiday destination in Córdoba. No wonder why.
Monumento a los caídos en las Malvinas
The Falklands (Malvinas) war is still a sore point.
Bife de Chorizo al punto
The amount and quality of the beef on offer is not for the faint of heart. I can't imagine there being many vegetarians around.
Not your standard grill.
WRC SS4 El Cóndor
One of the mythical stages of WRC, El Cóndor. We even saw condors there (no kidding).

Rally has a huge tradition (and traction) in Córdoba as you can gather from the ads below (1, 2).

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