Napapiirin sankarit en français

For some strange reason the French trailer made me want to watch the movie much more than the original Finnish one. 😉 Maybe Finnish cinema is finally taking over the world?

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One thought on “Napapiirin sankarit en français”

  1. Note: I speak neither French nor Finnish, so I am working with the visuals & the way the trailer is cut.

    In the French trailer, it appears that we have two budding rally car drivers out for a road trip / buddy film and things get a bit wild.

    In the Finnish trailer, it appears that a doufus-y dude is getting repeatedly busted by his lady while his friend & he have an amusing yellow & black car that may or may not be a rally-wanna-be car. The English trailer is not much better.

    The French version of the film appears much funnier.
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