Finland country brand report

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Finally finished reading the book-long document (also a summary here). In short it recommends that to enhance the country brand of Finland, its people should focus on 3 strengths based around the idea of sharing Finnish practicality and problem-solving worldwide:

  • The most functional country in the world. Functionality: Finland to be developed into a Silicon Valley of social innovations
  • Drink Finland. Nature: Let’s make the lakes drinkable and serve organic food
  • Teachers without borders. Education: Finnish teaching protection force in peace work

One of the most interesting and exciting aspects about the whole report for me was, to be frank, how action-oriented it is.  While it does have a significant current state analysis study behind it, most of its recommendations are actionable now, and they encourage public discussion of their findings and recommendations at their website.

Would definitely love to see this approach taken up by more countries. I can think of at least a couple that need a little bit of polish.

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