TEDx Helsinki v3

TEDx Helsinki

I was very lucky to get a ticket to the 3rd version of TEDx Helsinki, the locally-organised TED mirror event. You can find a small summary of the talks below.

  • Matti Posio: Future of Finnish culture. Culture is threatened by new culture. Media endangered by social media, if they don’t know how to use it unlike CNN. Finns believe in authority somewhat, Americans not really, which influences the way they approach media.

The future is here, just unevenly distributed.

  • Puppetry of the penis (NSFW).
  • David Wolfe: The fruit tree planting foundation. Chocolate history. Chocolate for health.
  • Alf Rehn: Love and raw materials. Passion for doing, extreme production. What can chefs teach of management:  Linking strategy, esthetics, passion and implementation & Organized caos.
  • Mikko Hyppönen: Internet. Evolution leads us to Facebook =) . What threatens the net? Web crime.
  • Hannu Lauerma: Psicopathy. Antisocial personality disorder. Nervous system doesn’t react to stress like majority of people. Feelings missing. Can develop with lack of physical contact when young. Lack of empathy. Leading to crimes against humanity.
  • Itay Talgam Conductor video first, then live talk.

  • Video of 3 year old jonathan conducting beethoven 5th. How to do the same but different? Leaders are afraid of being ignored. Making people get out of their comfort zone. Build order and then destroy it. Empowering instead of command and control. Create metaphors and bring people into them. Customising message to relationship. Authenticity matters. Leadership is suspension of disbelief. Do it all wrong, but still get it right (think out of the box).
  • Stefan Bremer and violinist Teemu Kupiainen remember photographer Jouko Lehtola, showing his photographs to Johann Sebastian Bach “Chaconne”.

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3 thoughts on “TEDx Helsinki v3”

  1. Thanks for the summary.

    Seems there were more English presentations than previous years? What was the split?

    I might ask Alex Nieminen if they can have the English presentations in one section (afternoon session?) so that us (lazy) ex-pats can take part too! 😉

  2. It was half and half: 7/13 presentations were in English. Given the structure and flow of the event and the very strong demand for tickets, I would find it unlikely that they’d pamper the “lazy ex-pat” community too much. Asking won’t hurt, though.

    Here you have another incentive to learning Finnish 😉

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