Reactions to SIME Helsinki 2010

One of the best aspects of attending industry events is the opportunity to exchange points of view with other participants.  This was brought home during the last panel I watched at SIME, where some of us in the audience didn’t necessarily agree with the panelists in one small point.

Don’t get me wrong: great creative is fundamental to a well-run campaign.  However, as a former sales guy I’m a little tired of the intense focus we have as marketeers on the creative and winning awards. Cannes Lions are a beautiful thing and definitely don’t do you any harm as a brand or an agency, but when evaluating a marketing activity I’m more interested in understanding four aspects:

  • Will the activity live after the first or second  push (is it built to live, or built to die?), or are we just thinking about separate, ephemeral campaigns?
  • Are we measuring impact, and what were the results? Are we focused enough on ROI instead of bells and whistles?
  • Are we prepared to engage with our audiences once they come across this?
  • How is this communication adding value to our audience? Why should they care other than because it’s really cool?

As mentioned, I was not the only attendee thinking about these topics after hearing the panel, and we had an interesting chat later on.  Funnily enough I found a very relevant presentation of his on this topic below:

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