Turkey one last time

Was in Istanbul, Kayseri & Ankara to see through the project that has brought me to Turkey. Since we were over a week here we had some time to see some of the sights, which was more than welcome. A big thanks to my colleagues and business partners for making the project a success and the stay enjoyable.

Istanbul at night
Istanbul at night

Mosque in Nisantasi
Mosque in Nisantasi. Notice the minaret is in the style of a classical Greek column.
Dusk over Istanbul
Dusk over Istanbul
FIBA Turkey 2010 World Championship opening ceremony
Dervishes at the FIBA Turkey 2010 World Championship opening ceremony.
Night over Istanbul
Another night over Istanbul
Sunrise at the airport
The only problem I encountered during the trip was that I had to wake up extremely early to catch connecting flights. This sunrise was taken at Istanbul Ataturk airport.
Turkey 2010 with Turkish Airlines
There's all kinds of things happening in Turkey this year.
Capadocia Panorama
Capadocia panorama
Interesting rock formations in Capadocia
Ivory Coast fans
Ivorian fans at the World Basketball Championship
Basketballer from above
These basketball figurines were placed all over Ankara

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