Summer is over, but what a summer it was!

It was surprising for everybody here in Finland to experience last summer.  Winter was very cold and snowy for Finnish standards and summer came in strong and lasted the mandatory 3 months.  We reached temperatures of 35°C in parts of the country and even in Helsinki it was above 30°C for most of July.  Now the rains have started and the summer seems but a memory, so this post is a homage to the warmest, most tropical season in recorded Finnish history.

Green path


Sunset over Helsinki

Ranchero de Nauvo

Nauvo Panorama

Nauvo Panorama

Yellow fields of Espoo

Summer storm

Moomintroll in Esplanadi

Dusk over Espoo

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2 thoughts on “Summer is over, but what a summer it was!”

  1. Dude, the pics are awesome and the short and to the point blog… indeed we had some great weather ! Turku is now coming back to it’s old rainy days

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