Snowstorm in Southern Finland

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4 thoughts on “Snowstorm in Southern Finland”

  1. Chiva,

    this is something of importance, so I’ll make it succinct. Could not find one lame email address on Flickr or your site. Why?

    Here it goes: I’d like to use one of your Copper Canyon panoramas for a site header. I did many panos in Patagonia, Argentina, so I really dig yours. Now, this is not just any site, though it is all pro bono.

    This is the Spanish site verson (independent but closely related) of the Starchild Project. This is a real bone skull that has been analyzed since 1999, including DNA tests (another one in progress now) and a full 60-minute program of the History Channel about the Starchild is coming up later this month or early March (Monster Quest is the program).

    You can inform yourself pretty well on Lloyd Pye’s site in English: and tons of youtubes.

    Thing is, the skull was found in the 1930’s in the Copper Canyon. That’s right, the first proven alien-human hybrid lived about 900-950 years ago and was buried inside a mine tunnel in the CC.

    I can send you the header artwork, and I would love to put your CC photos into a page about the CC area, together with your link/name/what you want. No money here, only heart.

    Let me know,


    (the site is not up yet but will be in two weeks or so)

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