Real winter in Finland


The current winter in Finland is the continuously coldest, snowiest I have ever experienced after 9 years here.  With temperatures averaging -10 (but reaching -27, without the windchill) and an amount of snowfall that is reaching a metre, the place looks and feels decidedly wintry.  I mean, there’s more snow here than in Lapland!






Cross-country skiing in deep snow
Cross-country skiing is possible in almost any sidewalk now, even after they clean them.


Snowed-over cars
There's a car somewhere under that pile of snow






Ice panorama
Icicles in a cave


Slope in downtown
Snowboarding slope in downtown




Ski tracks in the bay
Ski tracks on the snow over a frozen bay.


Winter aerial panorama of Otsonlahti, a.k.a "The calm between snowstorms"
Panorama of the bay between snowstorms



Winter dusk
Colours of dusk in winter


Walking in the snowstorm
The same spot as before, but in a snowstorm



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