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As my previous post detailed, I spent a great holiday in Mexico, catching up with friends and especially family.  We spent a week in Mexico City, then 6 days in the Copper Canyon trail and a few days in Mérida and the natural reserve of Celestún before having to return to the winter wonderland.  I was struck by the enormous variety of landscapes and peoples living in the country where I was born, even if I knew it in theory.  As usual, pictures say it better (if you want to see more than these, they’re all here).

Fiery dusk cloud
The winter sky sometimes seems to take a life of its own.
Barranca de Urique desde el Cerro del Gallego
Copper Canyon: Barranca de Urique from Cerro del Gallego in Chihuahua state. The largest of 32 federal entities in Mexico, Chihuahua is bigger than many European countries, e.g. the United Kingdom.
Barrancas del Cobre / Copper Canyon national park deep panorama
Deep view of Copper Canyon in Divisadero
Barrancas del Cobre / Copper Canyon national park panorama
Copper Canyon panorama from Divisadero
Barrancas del Cobre / Copper Canyon national park
Copper Canyon detail
Barrancas del Cobre / Copper Canyon national park

Copper Canyon: Piedra Volada or why would anyone get so close to a loose rock?
Clothesline with a view
The rarámuri (tarahumara) peoples live in the area, and many sell their handcrafts to the tourists. I earned some brownie points by thanking them in their own language ("Chirigüeraba").
Panorama of a snowed over Creel
It also snows in parts of Mexico, you know? Creel, Chihuahua
Panorama of Lake Arareco, Chihuahua, Mexico
This is not a Finnish lake, but Lago Arareco in Chihuahua state.
Cusarare waterfall
Cusarare waterfall, Chihuahua.

Continues in Part 2

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