Mexico notes, part 2

Palacio de Gobierno
2000 km southeast and 30°C warmer than the previous location: Main square of Mérida, Yucatán.
Sunset over the pool in Celestún, Yucatán
Sunset over the pool in Celestún, Yucatán.

Flamingoes in close-up
Flamingoes in close-up in Celestún, Yucatán

Celestún beach
5 km of virgin beaches in Celestún, Yucatán.

The only not so nice detail was when on meeting some people I hadn’t seen in a long time I realised that the crab mentality seems to be alive and well in certain sectors of society. Shame, but hey, what can you do. 😉 Overall it was great and I cannot wait to be back again, if only for holidays.

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