Visited the city on a business trip. I have to say that the most interesting things about Istanbul for me were the long historical view you get in the city, and the uncanny resemblance Turks have with Mexicans.

As usual with these kind of posts, pictures say it better.


Istanbul panorama
A city between cultural zones and continents, it has more than 10 million people and number of different names throughout history (maybe Byzantium or Constantinople ring a bell). So many different peoples have lived in it, that excavations for the metro and the Marmara project have found ancient ruins (just like Templo Mayor in Mexico City).


Grand Bazaar
Traders by nature, the culture of haggling in its bazaars is very well developed.


Aya Sofya interior
The Aya Sofya, one of the most imposing religious buildings I have ever been to, started its life as a church, became a mosque and is now a national museum.


Técnica de panadero
Mexican similarities exhibit A: look at this baker's bread-carrying tecnique.


Técnica de taquero
Mexican similarities exhibit B: Kebabs are way too similar to tacos al pastor.


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  1. Happy new year! Istanbul’s a real cultural gem. reminds me of sipping apple tea.. a game of backgammon with pipes by the side and great monuments all around. Hope you had a great time there.

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