Darwin Awards, Finnish Edition

I have been thinking lately about the Darwin Awards, which you might know are all about:

Honoring those who improve the species… by
accidentally removing themselves from it!

Given the general conditions of life here in the far north, there are a few ways in which you could very easily make yourself due to receive such an “honour”.  Some of my favourites below:

  • Riding a bike dressed in black in November-January.  Invisibility might be a good thing for ninjas, but you want to be as visible as possible so that you don’t get run over by a car.
  • Not enough clothing in winter, especially if alcohol is involved. Obvious really.
  • Not taking care of the sauna stove while drinking. How many times have we seen houses burn down, with people inside?
  • In summer, going fishing with a couple of beers on.  A few deaths every year involve people who drown in lakes with their zippers down.

Any sure ways of winning the Darwin Awards that are common hereabouts you might want to add, that don’t include alcohol? 😉

I don’t know about you, but that’s probably the one award I could live my life without.

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