Wikipedia has a better overview of the place.  I’ll just give you my observations in pictures (the rest, as usual, here).

Chilli crab dinner
Long-time foreign residents (and good friends) say there's only 3 things to do in Singapore: eat, shop and visit the rest of Southeast Asia. I wouldn't really mind, especially given their awesome weather.
Singapore skyline at night
The place looks absolutely stunning at night.
En México y en Singapur, la cerveza es... Corona
In Singapore and the rest of the world you can find Corona
Raffles Place
Their Financial district didn't appear to have suffered the recession too much. Furthermore, everywhere is spotless.
Art Noveau building
There is very, very interesting architecture.
4 languages in Singapore
The place is almost a textbook case study of multiculturalism. Not surprising given that it was forced on them by the government a few generations ago.
All new casino
The economy is still going strong.
Singapore doesn't believe in climate change
The place seems to be slightly constrained on the political freedoms front, juding by the level of discourse in the country's media.

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