“I’m young and want to move abroad, but don’t know how”

During the past few years recent college graduates have been asking me what to do if they want to move abroad.  This is not a comprehensive guide, but can give you good ideas if you have that kind of wanderlust.

  • Understand it’s not going to be easy. Many others are planning to do the same thing, and there’s no more difficult people than those who work for any country’s immigration authority.
  • Decide what you want to do: study or work?
  • Check were you want to go, what is the study/labour market like and what are the requirements.
  • Contact the embassies of such places to get more information.
  • Check what are your options and your budget (if for studies, scholarships are always a good option, if for work or a traineeship, associations like AIESEC can also help)
  • Map your strenghts and weaknesses vs. what is required of you.
  • Try to understand what are the cultural & language challenges.
  • Keep an open mind and an optimistic spirit.  Will take you places.
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