Shall I write a book?

Some friends have mentioned in completely unrelated settings that I should probably consider writing a book.  I’ve been actually thinking about writing one either of my experiences as a foreigner/expat/immigrant/whatchamacallit on one hand or a sci-fi novella on the other.  Of course I’d have to find some time to do it as currently I don’t have much, butmight be something worth considering.

Dear readers, what would you think?  What would you like to read more about, in analog form?

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3 thoughts on “Shall I write a book?”

  1. I think you definitely should at least consider writing a book. I’d love to read about your experiences as a “world citizen” (or just being a foreigner in Finland 🙂

    The sci-fi novel wouldn’t be such a bad idea either. We all know you like science fiction and therefore I say: “Go for it!”

    I vote both ways, take your pick 😀

  2. Being a foreigner in Finland or Sci-Fi?
    Don’t see difference…

    Maybe the book’s titles may be:

    “Chiva’s Sci-Finnish”

    “Finntastic Tales”

    o ya de plano:

    “Cómo ser Chiva en Finlandia y no fracasar en el intento”

  3. @Jyri: Thanks for the encouragement! I’ll have to start putting together all the posts I’ve written on this and see where that leads.

    @Delfín: El último sería para una novela de Gael García Márquez… si fuera mexicano.

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