Cross-country skiing

Snow in Eastern Finland
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After I moved to Finland, one of the things I learned to love was cross-country skiing, so when I was a student and was awarded a small stipend for school achievement, I used that money to buy myself a set of cross-country skis, poles & boots.

Since the past couple of winters have been pretty lousy in southern Finland and I was in Brussels for a year, it had been at least 3 years since I used my skis last time until yesterday. It was, however, like reuniting again with a long-lost friend.

Maybe I should start the Mexican Nordic Combined team? 😉

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5 thoughts on “Cross-country skiing”

  1. Hola!
    Yo me apunto!!! Ya que México ni siquiera compite en los juegos olímpicos de invierno, al menos mención honorífica nos llevaríamos.. jajaja


  2. Hello there, sir!!

    Personally I hate cross country skiing… I used to like it, but the last time I’ve skied was 31.3.2001 and if I get to decide, that was definitely The Last Time. In the army we returned our skis that day and since there was no more snow, we went looking for some… We skied 5km on tarmac with no snow… You can imagine how that would kill one’s desire for skiing 😉

  3. @Delfin & @Liv Pues habría que ponernos a entrenar juntos, ¿no? Jajajaja.

    @Jyri I’m sure doing 5 km on tarmac would kill my enthusiasm too… =D

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