Recap of 2008

Internationally this year has been an interesting one, which has started to turn a little difficult towards the end, as you can see in the international, the Finnish and the Mexican 08 recaps.

Personally it was not any easier, but the end balance of has been very good I'd think. I expanded profesionally and became an expert in areas I didn't know that well at the beginning of the year in a challenging environment, and most of my energy and time went there throughtout the year (which shows in this blog, as I've been more active in Jaiku & Twitter where you need to think less to write a post).

Personally we found a place of our own that we improved for many months, but the results are there. My parents got their first grandchild, as my sister and her husband had a baby girl, whom we've now met and fallen in love with.  Some friends have gotten married, some have lost their loved ones, and we've tried to be there in both cases.

With this in mind, we can hope for the best in the new year, and work hard for it.

How has been your 2008?

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