PhDs cleaning toilets

I was reading this article in Helsingin Sanomat, and was quite amazed by the following passage:

The Sokos Hotel in Pasila has 12 cleaners, only one of whom is a native-born Finn.

      “It is surprising”, Thors says.

      Aila Forsström of the cleaning company Sol, says that 80 per cent of the 550 cleaners employed in her district have foreign backgrounds.

     The cleaners include engineers, PhDs, , kindergarten teachers,
bookeepers, teachers, dental nurses, interpreters, and one ballerina.

Just think about the amount of untapped potential in that list.

Reminded me of this study by the Ministry of Labour, where they discuss the adaptation of Finnish society to the presence of immigrants here.  I read it on my last holiday and left me a little uneasy.  Furthermore, the situation won't improve with the current economic downturn.

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