Book-reading in the commute

As astonishing as it might be to my American readers (if any, heh), I don't own a car… even if I actually enjoy driving very much.  The reasons for this are many:

-I can, meaning there is quite decent public transportation where I live.
-It means I do a fair amount of walking; something very welcome given that I don't have that much time for exercise anymore
-Owning a car is a pain as you need to pay taxes, take it to servicing and of course the price of oil is not what it was (can you imagine having to pay almost 8 dollars a gallon or 25 Mexican pesos a litre?).
-I get to reduce my environmental footprint which is regardless quite high given my frequent traveling.
-Most importantly, I get to read on the commute.

If you know me (or read me), you have realised I absolutely love to read, and will go through pretty much anything that falls in my hands sooner or later.  Even if it ends up being about a heavier subject it will definitely help me relax, and give me a different perspective to what I probably had before, which is something I crave endlessly.

I've noticed that I'm reading something close to a book a week when not traveling, and half of that when on the move.  As is usual, some of the impressions gathered from those books are to be shared with you here.

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