Immigrant entrepreneurs

I've read a couple of stories about immigrants and their children starting up their own companies here in Finland, especially in the service sector.  There are two companies whose services I use that are founded by immigrants: my barber (Figaro barbers in the corner of Albertinkatu & Uudenmaankatu, Helsinki) and one of my favourite fast-food places (Habibi Lebanese cuisine in Forum, Helsinki).

Given the simple facts that there are quite many barriers to open a business (capital investment required, cultural, regulatory, etc) I find their belief in their success quite admirable.

I'm just waiting to see when would somebody open a proper Mexican restaurant, as the stuff hereabouts is Tex-Mex.  Maybe I'll have to do it when I retire.  Mole poblano and tacos al pastor anyone?

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4 thoughts on “Immigrant entrepreneurs”

  1. Ya viene pronto!! while ago I met a mexican living here and she's planning to open a real mexican restaurant. So now we all are waiting the grand opening!

  2. [esto es genial]

    Una taquería estaría de pocas tuercas…..

    el problema estaría en traducir o adaptar más bien los nombres de los tacos….. jajajajaja cómo traduces "gringa" con el significado original? o "qué me ves"… porque pikanttimakkarajuusto no me suena pa un "choriqueso"!

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