Immigrant taxi driver

For the first time in 7 years altogether I've lived in Finland I took a ride with a taxi driver of a foreign background.  Born in Turkey and around my age, he has been here for more than twice as long as me, so pretty much half of his life.  The funny thing of course is that we were discussing in Finnish abou this experiences here and he told me something very revealing:

Almost every time he picks up a white, blond, blue-eyed customer, they speak to him in English and are surprised when he answers in Finnish (which he finds rather ridiculous as he's a Finnish taxi driver).  Furthermore, he mentioned a couple of "adventures" with skinheads in Tikkurila during his youth that fortunately came to nothing.  The most interesting of his experiences for me was when we discussed about our Finnish friends. He said once, after going out for drinks, one of them said: "Hey, we're not that different after all".  Notice that this was his friend, so I wonder what does the average Pekka Virtanen in the street think when he sees somebody like him or like me…

We had a very good discussion during the whole trip and I really enjoyed hearing his take on certain things I've also experienced.  Wish him the best of luck.

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