The kind of foreigners I know in Finland

Well, I'm still not very happy about the police doing spot checks on people who look or sound foreign, since it assumes that we are all in some way or other breaking the law just because we don't look like the mainstream and happen to live here.  Of course, the most ironic thing of it all is that this activity is financed with my taxes.

Since in the news you only hear about those foreigners who are breaking the law, I wanted to show plenty of examples of those of us who aren't and are not exactly of Caucasian origin.

  • A, Turkish, male, works as a consultant, has two masters degrees.  Is married to a Finn.
  • B, Mexican, female, works as a designer, also has a masters degree.
  • C, Indian, male, works as a computer engineer.  Married to an Indian.
  • D, Malay, female, works in marketing.
  • E, Thai, female, is an IT specialist.
  • F, Venezuelan, male, is finishing his studies doing his thesis in an IT company.  Is married to a Finn.
  • G, Mexican, female, works in finance.  Is married to a Spaniard.
  • H, Japanese, female, works in finance.
  • I, Pakistani, male, also an IT specialist.  Is married to a Pakistani.
  • J, Turkish, male, owns and runs his barbershop.  Married to a Finn.  Has Finnish citizenship.
  • K, Nigerian, male, is an IT specialist.
  • L, Chinese, female, works as a strategist.
  • M, British of South Asian origin, male, works in business development.
  • N, American of Central American origin, male, works as a consultant.
  • O, German with African roots, male, works in a media-facing role.

I have plenty more, but I guess you get my drift.

I feel like I should be wearing a T-shirt reading "Olen ulkomaalainen.  Mitä sitten?" (I'm a foreigner.  So what?).  Who's with me?

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One thought on “The kind of foreigners I know in Finland”

  1. [这个好]

    It can not happen in Brussels, Otherwise the polite have to keep working around the clock.

    Foreigners are countless. haha

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