“Being born in Finland is like winning the lottery”

"On lottovoitto syntyä Suomeen" is a phrase you hear often enough in Finland, referring to their perceived fortune at their high standard of living.  Whereas I agree that it is indeed a nice place, I believe the statement is flawed for the most important thing is not where are you born, but what you do with your life. 

I've seen plenty of people of advantaged backgrounds but self-destructive attitudes.  Yes, a good starting point is nice to have, but shouldn't allow you to get overconfident or, shall I say, cocky.

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3 thoughts on ““Being born in Finland is like winning the lottery””

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  2. Good effort, still managing a post when life is shitty! I don’t think friends is the word to use. Friends would have shared their intentions with you! Anyway your business is booming so that is great.
    I am glad you shared how the lottery works. We never bought tickets because we had no idea how to check winnings, or even if foreigners were allowed to win. Knowing that the sellers rely on their meagre commision to live is incentive enough to buy in the future. Good Luck

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