Answering Ohio

It is said that Hillary Clinton won Ohio due to her opposition to NAFTA (an initiative that her husband put into force, by the way).  I understand that Ohio has lost quite a few jobs during the last 15 years, but renegotiating free trade is not a solution.

The American consumer on one hand loves low prices, which needless to say are helped by free trade.  On the other side, however, the same person, now as American voter is afraid of the state of the American economy, and would like to protect it as much as possible.

The problem is, however, that the Ohio voter is between a rock and a hard place for one reason: if the United States shuts the door to free trade, many of those employed producing goods for the American market abroad will lose their jobs, and I wouldn't be surprised if they would try to migrate to find a better life.

Therefore, the question is the following: free trade or immigration?

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