Brand you

So, you might have read the presumed advantages of treating yourself as a branded product.  Now, where do you start?  I'd suggest your Facebook profile and your blog.  I don't think you need to "spin" anything really, but be certainly aware that whatever you put in there will be visible to everybody, including co-workers and prospective (or current) employers.  Therefore, less pictures of drunken parties might be in order.

Another key aspect is of course differentiation.  What do you do/are/think that makes you different?  Do you play in a band?  Have you got a blog with a huge readership (that's definitely not me, LOL)?  Were you born in a foreign country?  Even seemingly minor details like the way you dress will make people remember you. 

And of course, you have to build your brand.  Trust and lots of hard work will take you far.  Otherwise, it's got no substance.

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