Mexicans can’t let go of the past

México espectacular
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We visited Xcaret during our trip to Cancún, and attended their evening show. In general it was very well made, and for example it is the first time I have seen the mesoamerican ball game being played live (no human sacrifice, though).

There was, however, one thing that bothered me in the show, but it wasn’t about the quality or anything like that. It was a segment where they had somebody singing “Mi México de Ayer” by Chava Flores. I actually have one of his CDs and think his music is quite good, but at the moment I was really annoyed by one very simple fact: Mexicans can’t let go of the past. This is also reflected in the way we are taught about own own history, where everything was better before than it is now and whatever comes from abroad is a threat.

We can’t start building a future if we keep on looking at the past.

No podemos construir un futuro si seguimos enfocándonos en el pasado.

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