Garden wedding

As in any country, big or small, there are plenty of cultural differences between Mexicans of different areas of the country.  My sister was victim of these in a wedding she recently attended in Monterrey.

She was told that it was going to be a garden wedding, whose dress code in Mexico City is purely in light, pastel colours as they are during the day and surrounded by nature.  You can imagine their surprise when they arrive at the appointed place and find out that it was not a real garden, but a hall decorated as a garden and the rest of the guests were dressed in night gowns and smokings.  All the people from the capital had made the same mistake, so they stood out at the event.

I suppose this shows that you have to check and double-check your assumptions every time, even in your own country.

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  1. JAJAJAJA I´m the housband of this guys sister and I can tell you this was one of our worst experiences with the society of MTY, I didn't thought that even in your own country you feel like you don´t belong and that is the worst feeling of all. When one of the ladies of the wedding stand up from its table and without asking us from where we came, she told us "the Chilangos are seeting at that table" daaaa I remember that day and I still feel angry.

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