American vs. European tourists

  • European tourists travel to be abroad, American tourists to be at home.  Obvious when you compare the hotels catering to European and American tourists in Mexico.
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2 thoughts on “American vs. European tourists”

  1. That’s really not totally true, for example, I’ve heard of awfull typical german hotels with awfull typical german tourists in latin america.

    In my oppinion it depends more on what part of society tourists are from, i.e., what’s their education and that way, are they open to new cultures.

    Maybe it’s also that more uneducated american people can afford to travel far away than uneducated people from other countries. And finally, americans might be observed more strictly by locals as everybody understands them talking english.

    But it might also be that Americans don’t have such a strong understanding of “culture” since theirs is a melange of many immigrant cultures in the first place.

  2. I think it has a lot to do with the amount of money needed for traveling and previous experience with facing other cultures. Europe always amazes me with its amount of very diverse cultures and languages in a very small space, which is not generally the case in the Western Hemisphere due to a number of reasons (colonisation and eradication of native societies being at the top of my head).

    It is true that German tourists in Ibiza are totally different from German tourists in Mexico, as the price of the trip dramatically increases socioeconomical segmentation of the tourist market.

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